Aboriginal Engagement Initiative

Success by 6, South Vancouver Island has identified Aboriginal Engagement as one of its top priorities as we recognize the importance of establishing relationships and cross cultural understanding to support young children in our community. The Council of Partners has identified three strategies to support this engagement which include: support to the Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Network, Aboriginal Community Projects, and Leadership Dialogue.

Throughout the years, Aboriginal Early Childhood Education providers across Canada have built on the strengths of the diverse Aboriginal cultures and contexts to develop programs that support Aboriginal children, families and communities. As the richness of knowledge and experience developed, so did the vision of creating a shared space to celebrate Aboriginal knowledge, skills and resources while respecting cultural protocols for knowledge sharing.

In 2008 the South Vancouver Island Success By 6 ® council of partners supported a full time Aboriginal Early Childhood Coordinator, with Hulitan as the host agency for this role, to support a South Vancouver Island Network. Over five years the network engaged in training workshops for staff and parents, information and referral services, Aboriginal representation at various early childhood coalition groups, funding supports and advocacy. To learn more about Aboriginal Engagement Initiative email our Aboriginal Engagement Coordintar at: SJackson@hulitan.ca or visit the Aboriginal Early Years website at the link below.

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